‘We travel not to escape life, but for life to not escape us’  – Anonymous

After about 15 years in the corporate world, Gaurav and I decided to take a sabbatical from our jobs to spend time with our young kids and aging parents and pursue our dream to travel the world! We feel lucky to have this opportunity and hope to create memories that will last a lifetime! Through this blog, we aspire to share our journey  with you and leave lasting footprints for our kids to enjoy…..

Introducing the family:

Ayaan: Born in February 2015, Ayaan is a caring, cuddling 3 year old with a great laugh who loves hotels, smores, hot tubs and airplanes.  Ayaan has been to 13 countries on 4 continents prior to this adventure.

Ariana: Born in July 2016, Ariana is almost 2 years old and a typical toddler who is headstrong, has an adorable smile and loves Peppa Pig.  Ariana has been to 9 countries on 4 continents prior to this adventure.

Anjali/Mommy: Mommy has been to 40 countries prior to this adventure and is passionate about food, wine, hotels and memorable experiences.

Anjali’s Trip Goals:

  • Build a stronger bond with our kids, each other and our family
  • Nurture the kids’ learning through travel and experiences
  • Be happy with less
  • Be more open minded and open hearted
  • Create life long memories
  • Return with a renewed spirit!
  • Gaurav/Daddy: Daddy has been to 43 countries prior to this adventure and loves spending time with family, being silly with the kids, photography and writing.

    Gaurav’s Trip Goals:

    • Build a stronger bond within our family and for the kids with their grandparents
    • For us to spend quality time with our children and parents who are aging.  And do all of this while traveling the world.
    • Live a life with less and be healthy
    • Develop a new life perspective
    • Reconnect with India and have the kids experience the magic of Bombay.
    • Hit 50 countries and create memories forever.